February 18, 2012

Eggroll Stir Fry {A Pinterest Recipe}

Run ons & all by: Anonymous at 7:50 PM

I made the yummiest dinner tonight all in thanks to Once a Mom always a Cook.  Have you been to her blog, OMGoodness...very yummy food!!  And most of her recipes are naturally Gluten Free or easily adaptable.

Tonight I made her recipe for Egg Roll Stir Fry.  It was surprisingly easy and good.  It really does taste just like the inside of an egg roll.  The recipe is enough to feed an army!!  I'm wondering if I can freeze the left overs???

Honestly, I had never purchased a cabbage before.  It isn't a vegetable that we eat often.  When I want coleslaw, I just buy the pre-made stuff at the grocery deli.  If in the mood for Chinese food...we go out.  Is there any other recipe that calls for cabbage??  See, we really don't eat it often.


Hmmm, what to cook tomorrow...

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  1. Oh my goodness, you are the first person who has ever reviewed my recipe on their blog! I am so honored and so happy your family enjoyed this meal. I have a family of five and I usually use leftovers for lunch the next day or a leftover night for dinner! Thank you so much for taking the time to post your thoughts! You just made my week :) Have a wonderful, blessed day!

    1. Are you serious!? No one has ever reviewed one of your recipes?? They are so good, how could they not??

      I can't wait to try more, and I probably will post those too...

      Have a great week,

  2. Hi, did you ever figure out if the leftovers can be frozen? I going to try making it tonight and just eat this week until i can't eat anymore and then freeze what's left... #singlegirlproblems


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