February 14, 2012

My Dream Kitchen...

Run ons & all by: Anonymous at 2:24 PM
I like my kitchen. 

It is nice. 

Reds, Blues, & Yellows...
Trying for the 'French Country' Look....

I have lived in it for 12 years. 

I would love something new...



This is just tooo cute!!
I would say I have a theme...
Not too sure those colors would go great with the deep reds of the family room which is attached to the kitchen...
our chocolate leather couch would look very good with the blue though...

Hmmm, who wants to come over for a painting party??

The DIY Show Off


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  1. Thanks for coming by my blog and your awesome comments! I'm following you back on Linky Followers, and I look forward to it - what an interesting blog you have! I know so many people going gluton free.

    This post made me laugh, because your kitchen looks JUST like mine, and your dream kitchens.... well I have 2 of those pictures pulled out from catalogues and in my "dream kitchen" binder!! I think we might be soul mates!

    I hope you do do the challenge, I have loved doing it, and have really found out more about myself. Good luck!

    Leanne @ because (i think) I can

  2. You have a beautiful kitchen! We're in the process of redoing ours. It's a beautiful light blue/gray and red was one of my accent choices so it can be done! ;) Love your inspiration! Thanks so much for joining the Pinterest PinFest! ;)


  3. @The DIY Show Off

    Thank You!! I DO like my kitchen. When it is clean and I've just Murphy Oiled all the cabinets, I love the glow that comes from my kitchen. But I have looks at the same exact room for 12 yrs. I just want to change a little something ya know...maybe all the stuff on the top of the cabinets.

    I have LOVED your blog!! I just can't stop looking at all the posts. I was up till 2:30am last night!!


  4. @becauseithinkican

    I am!! I am going to do the challenge!! I haven't written any post about who I really am...just what we have been going through. So, that is what I am gonna do...

    That is too funny that our kitchens are the same!! I love how big mine is, but I hate it at the same time...that huge bar just gets full of clutter!! Clutter doesn't really bother me but it annoys the heck outta my husband!!

    I don't think we would ever actually remodel the kitchen, but I would like to maybe paint it...


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