February 21, 2012

Avery's Extreme Room Make Over {part 1}

Run ons & all by: Anonymous at 3:55 AM
We have been very busy this weekend!!  

FYI...This is a long post...

Currently the entire Contents of Avery's room is spread out in the hall, our bedroom, and the living room.  
Her room has been gutted and stripped bare down to the concrete floors....

Non of this was really in the plans for this weekend.  It has been in the talks, but it was always a distant future that we would tackle the kids rooms...

We purchased our home in 2000.  It is a very basic starter home, no frills, bells, or whistles.  When we moved in, we were young, poor and too scared to touch anything.  We left everything contractor white until 6 months into my pregnancy with Avery.   Bed rest be damned, I was determined to paint a mural on those walls!  I think I finally stopped adding stuff to it when she was 3.  It would have been sooner but I had to go paint a boys mural too...

So, then Avery, my very artistic and wise WAY beyond her years started adding to the mural as well.  I painted a sky with clouds, flowers and luvbugs.  She decided there needed to be a tree with a beehive and bees.  Also birds, birds of every color that Sharpie makes...I searched all 50 million files for a picture of her room and this was all I could find...

About two years ago, I just couldn't take it anymore and started talking about painting her room.  She said she wanted Pink.  So I went to Lowes and bought 4 different paint samples of Pinks that I approved of...We all agreed on one and a few days later my husband comes home with a gallon of paint.  He and Avery lock themselves in her room and emerge a few hours later looking like a bottle of Pepto Bismol exploded on them...I swear!!  Avery is jumping with joy, Bob is grimacing, and I am laughing.  It was the worst color I'd ever seen.  The paint it's self was the worst quality I'd ever seen...It was bad all the way around...We left it because we were in the middle of replacing flooring in half our house.  p.s....Bob, forgot to take the paint sample with him and just picked a pink at random...

So now, here we are, Avery was just re-diagnosed with Asthma.  Our carpet is horrible...I mean really really horrible.  We have replaced the carpet in the front half of the house with wood flooring and we were eventually going to get to the bedrooms, but it was low on our priority list.  Well, thanks to a peeing dog, Avery's room got bumped up to doin it now. 

Saturday we moved everything out of her room. My house already looked like a train wreck now it looks even worse...

The boys ripped out her carpet and cleaned up the floors...

Sunday Avery and I spent the day at Lowes picking out paint...all her choice, my only input was a no on that really dark one in the top right corner.

Today we painted, we painted, and painted...and then painted some more!!  Guess what...we need more paint to paint more!!

Stay tuned for part 2!!  I have to put it all back together and seriously need to refinish a dresser!!

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  1. Wow, your house looks just like mine right now! Decide to redo my boys room this weekend and their stuff is everywhere, including the mattress in the hallway! Can't wait to see the room reveal :)

    1. LOL...my son's room will be next, if I survive this one. His is going to be even harder, I have NO idea where I am going to put bunkbeds for a week!!

      What colors are you doing for your son's room??

      Thanks so much for visiting and leaving me a comment :)


  2. That's a beautiful colour! Your daughter has good taste. :)


    1. Thank You!! She does...if I do say so My self....

  3. Stopping by from the Girl Creative Blog Hop! http://queenofsavings.com


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