February 15, 2012

Testing Out Windows Live Writer…

Run ons & all by: Alisha Goinggfree at 10:31 AM


I have heard that it is much easier to format your posts using this program.

I do have all of my fonts available to play with…  not that I would go crazy like that all the time.  I also have better color control.  


If I was an emoticon type of person I could have a field day…DevilFreezingSick smileJust kiddingBut what I think I like the best so far is the automatic spell corrector!!  I couldn’t win a spelling bee to save my life and here I am writing for the world!!  I am sure you are are all shaking your head at all of my typos and horrible configured sentences.  I can’t help it!  I just start typing and it all just flows out…like I’m having one really long conversation with myself…the experts (Pioneer Woman) says to write as if I was talking to my sister.  I am really goofy.  Well, my sister says I am…so I’m pretty sure y’all think I am too…lol

Ohhh, I like that…I can add a separator too…

BUT…I can’t push enter to go to the next line…what’s up with that?  I just discovered that backspace will undo everything you just did…like inserting a picture and erasing text…here, lets try that again…

1.5 yrs avery


This is avery when she was 1.5 years old.  yeah, I know, she is a cutie…she knew she was a cutie!!



And here are Avery and Cole this Christmas…They really are very silly!!

So, in all seriousness, this program is very easy to use.  It makes several post formatting tasks very simple.  But, unless I am doing something wrong…the simplest task…hitting enter to go to the next line…is not available…that is just silly!!

There are tons of picture formatting options, like watermarking, frames, and even simple color retouching.  Hmmmm, it even has making a table as an insert!


If one of my readers uses this program, could you please tell me if I am missing something, because I really do not like that I can’t push enter to get to the next line…so silly…see I told you I was a goof!


, that’s it for my fun experimenting…(this was really all just to avoid going to the grocery store)….Off to the grocery store I go…

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