January 27, 2012

I'm not eating that...and neither should you!

Run ons & all by: Alisha at 9:27 AM
My husband, who I love with all my heart, is one of those really special people who can eat cookies, cakes, and ice cream every night without ever gaining an ounce.  Yeah, he's one of those people!  Pisses me off!!  Just touching the wrapper and I've gained 10 pounds...

But I digress...

Last night my son and husband were cuddled up on the couch watching some crazy 'Welcome to the depths of Death Valley where you must drink your own pee' show on Netflix....I never pay much attention to their choices, I always get grossed out!

My husband offered Cole (my son) a piece of Chocolate.  This was how the conversation went down...

Hubs: You want a piece?

Son: What's in it?

Hubs: Chocolate

Son: What else? Isn't there crispy stuff?

Hubs: Yeah....You want some?

Son: What are the ingredients?

Hubs: (sounding a bit perplexed & miffed at the same time) sugar,, vegetable oil, whey, lactose, crisp rice (barley malt)....

Son: (looking at package too) Dad that's bad, and it says in the dark letters Contains Wheat.  I'm not eating that and neither should you!

Hubs: Cole, You know you can have this stuff right? You don't have the stomach issues like sister, it's okay.

Son: Yeah, I know...But it's not fair.  I'm not gonna eat it if Avery can't eat it, that is just mean.

Hubs: You are right. (put chocolate down looking sad)

I know that I haven't talked much about my son on this blog.  I have focused most of the posts on my daughter, because it is her that is "Going G-Free", but after last night, I realized, it really is all of us in one way or another.

All of the snack foods are gluten free.

All of the meals are gluten free.

The only time my son eats gluten is at school, and that is even limited to just lunch, because he eats breakfast at home.

My husband is having gluten with-draw.  A few minuted after the chocolate episode he went digging through all of the cabinets, mumbling to himself about how we have no Crackers or Cookies.  I was feeling very snarky and mentioned the rice cakes taste great with a little Nutella spread on them.  I got a dirty look in return...

Guess I need to always have a batch of cookies handy...

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