January 23, 2012

Monday Monday

Run ons & all by: Alisha at 8:04 PM
I had a crappy morning.... 

Reason One

(6am) The Hubs:  "Babe! Babe! Wake Up! Time to get up!"
(6:15) The Hubs:  "Babe! You Up? I'm leaving. Get Up."
                      Me:  "xbqhjgqqugnnnnn......mxbiwu...I'm up"

(6:59)Phone singing the Jetson's Theme
(7:00)Alarm blaring talk show hosts voices
(7:01)Phone singing the Jetson's Theme
          Me: "helllo"
          Hubbs: "I knew you weren't up"


I hate when he does that!!  I hate when he knows me so well....I don't care that he has woken me up everyday for the last 12 years and he probably knows things about my sleeping self that I would never want to know...but I really do hate when he does that!!

Reason Two
My mom-mobile wouldn't start!  It has been sputtering a little and the check engine light has flickered on & off for a few months.  

Every time it gives me any kind of trouble I hear Jim Morrison singing in my head....
This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end

We bought my mom-mobile right after Avery was born.  We brought her home in my tiny little sports car and trying to get all her gear out of the trunk and her out of the backseat was a major pain.  A couple of weeks after signing on the dotted line, we found out that we were going to be a family of four rather than three.....That SUV is like a part of our family.  Is that silly??  

My afternoon was much better!!!

Avery scored one of the highest scores in her grade on a reading test.  She is my smart, brilliant, happy, baby girl!!  She is scary smart and honestly smarter than me at times!!

Husband fixed the mom-mobile!!  He bought a $12 part and all is good with the old girl.  Jim Morrison will just have to wait till another day to sing to me...

Son did homework without gripping....

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