February 19, 2012


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I blog surf.  I have done it for years.  There are several blogs that I follow and read often, but majority of the time, I am clicking from one blog to the next.  I have found some of the best blogs by doing this. 

I followed a link to oh, Amanda and started reading a posted entitled No-Niche Memoir Blog, which really made me start thinking about my blog.   

I write 75% of the time about food.  But not recipes that I have created.  Just meals in general.  Gluten Free Meals.  25% of the time I just blog.  I would like to 'just blog' more often.  I have a lot of thoughts swimming in my head, but I often think to myself " would anyone what to read about that or do they care about the dresser I painted?"

But tonight, I clicked on a link to a site that I seriously think I am going to sit down and read every single post.  Enjoying the Small Things.  The author of this blog, in my opinion, is brilliant.  Her writing spoke to me.  I think I have a serious girl crush.

I am going to quote a response she posted to a question on her FAQ page.

Q: It seems there are so many categories of moms these days, especially on blogs. What kind of mom do you consider yourself?

A: "Just a mom. I don't want to sum up what kind of mom I am in one word because that's limiting. I don't like being put in a box and I'm way too impulsive to fit into just one category. I've written about this before, but I think sometimes we feel like we can't explore a new area if we don't completely fit in the box. Like "I'd really like to buy that vintage plate because I love it, but my house is too contemporary and I'm not really Vintage Girl." Who says you have to be just one thing? Buy the damn plate if you love it. Our society is fabulous at pigeon-holing people and identifying them into categories as if they have to abide by a certain set of rules--and judgement and assumption often follows. We've identified the urban mom, the hipster mom, the churchy mom, the homeschool mom, the wild mom, the funny mom, the divorced mom, the laid back mom as if once you have a label, that's all you can be. That's so constraining and yet, I admit, I fall victim to the labeling. Like I thought I couldn't make my own laundry soap because it meant I'd also have to drive a hybrid car. Holding a solid faith and dancing out with the girls don't have to be opposites. Having a home in a suburban neighborhood doesn't mean I can't funk it up with crafts and cherished kitsch. And writing about "the small things" certainly doesn't mean I don't pay attention to "the big things" in life too. I want to passionately explore a multitude of areas in life and, while some areas might bubble to the surface with noticeable expression, some simmer beautifully and quietly underneath--not to be forgotten. I'll dip my toes into different hobbies and ways of life if I feel drawn to them, and I won't let the box of "who I'm supposed to be" stop me for a hot second. And I learn--oh, do I learn from so many other kinds of moms who continually broaden the definition of motherhood with their insight and experience.  We're women. We are multi-faceted. We don't have to fit into a box. We follow our own rhythms and we celebrate our movements that may change over the course of aging, mothering, learning, exploring, loving.

I follow my instincts and listen to my heart. That's the kind of mother I am."

After reading that, do you too feel like you have put yourself in a box?  I know I have.  I know I have seen a plate that I loved, but didn't purchase it because it didn't go with the theme of my house...

I am the theme of my house.  We (my family and I) are the themes of our house.  We make it a home, not the French Country Curtains or the Traditional Couch.  

So long story short,

Yes, This is a GLUTEN FREE blog, but it is also a blog about my life, our lives.  What we do, what we eat, and where we go.

There are 50 million blogs out in the blogiverse.  I am a tee-tiny little fish in that sea.  I am not looking to compete with any of them, I just want to have a place to go, write down all the thoughts in my head, and document our lives.

I hope you all stay along for the ride.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this post,

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  1. Following you on LF, FB & Twitter from the Make My Morning hop! Looking forward to reading your blog since I'm G-free too :)


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