February 28, 2012

To Go or Not To Go to the Warehouse Stores...

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Warehouse shopping isn't always cheaper.  It is actually almost never cheaper, more convenient YES -- less expensive NO.

However, there are several items that I always buy at my local warehouse store.  These are items that we ALWAYS eat and eat LOTS of...

Warehouse Price Grocery Store Price
Cheese Sticks 48 @ 8.28 24 @ 5.49
Shredded Cheese 80oz @ 11.88 32oz @ 8.38
Bacon Bits 20oz @ 8.98 3oz @ 2.76
Salad in a Bag 32oz @ 2.88 9oz @ 3.50
Fuji Apples 6lbs @ 5.98 1lb @ 1.99

Other items that we often save money on are Strawberries, Roma Tomatoes, and Generic Claritn.

You have to be smart when shopping at a warehouse stores, think about what items are on sale and what items you can buy at your grocery store with coupons.

Warehouse shopping is a great place to stock up on all those items you know you have to have, but only if the price is right.  I wanted to stock up on Tuna the last time I went and was very disappointed that the price per a can was actually about 25 cents more expensive than my grocery store.  You have to pay attention to the Unit Price Sticker and remember the prices from your grocery store.

 Learning how to read these little stickers was the first truly 'grown-up' & responsible thing I did.  There are tons of sites out there that can explain them better than I, so I will leave that up to google.

Here is my Grocery List Price Sheet that I use all the time.  I only add items that I buy often and items that have varying prices.  Feel Free to print or download, and I hope it helps you like it has helped me...

While at your warehouse store, think about other things you've been thinking about purchasing.  For example, I have wanted a new broom for awhile.  We have hard wood floors and a black lab, I sweep 2-3 times a day!  I wanted a broom with a LONG handle (I'm very tall), I wanted the handle to be very sturdy and not come unscrewed while I swept. I also wanted a wide head.  I wanted it it cover as much floor space as possible....I wanted a lot!!  I looked everywhere, and nothing was the right price or the right quality.  Low and behold I found the absolute perfect broom in the industrial cleaning section at my local warehouse store for a whopping low price of $8.00.  The little flimsy ones at Wal-Mart weren't even that inexpensive.

Warehouse shopping is a hit or miss, you can save big but if not paying attention you could also spend big!  So if you've never shopped at a warehouse, keep these tips in mind and double check your prices.  

I am in NO WAY a budget savvy frugalista, but I try.  
So, please take my tips with a grain of salt, 
and if you have better tips for shopping at a warehouse store, PLEASE share them...
we are all trying to save a few pennies here and there.


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