March 1, 2012

A New Doctor Experience...

Run ons & all by: Anonymous at 2:13 PM
Going to a new Doctor's Office is STRESSFUL...yeah I used all caps, cuz that is how I felt this morning...

I never know exactly who to tell all the info to.  Do I tell the poor nurse taking my blood pressure or do I wait and tell the Doctor?  I have a long list of issues and the list just keeps getting longer as the years go by.

I remember when I was 23 the hardest question they asked was when my last cycle started.

When I was 25 it was when my last shot of hormones was given.

When I was 27, 28, and 29, I practically lived at my OBGYN's office.  I swear I saw him 3 times a week for both of my pregnancies.  Why do you have to pee in a cup at each and every appointment? Is one's pee really all that interesting...And why is my pee not interesting now??  No uterus means no more cups??  No idea...

So anyway, I'm 36 now and I get asked all kinds of hard questions now...and I never know how much to say.  I have a ruptured disc in my spin, L5 to be exact, when they ask "How'd that happen?" Do I tell them I was chasing my son through the Sears parking lot or do I say I took a step when there was actually a step down and fell smack on my tailbone.  Then to make matters worse a year later I was rear ended and injured my back even further...I can't sit cross legged anymore...

Then they say "Well what kind of exercise are you getting?".....Ummmm, not much...remember the tailbones constantly grinding together, it kinda makes things difficult.  "I swim in the warmer months when I have money in the budget to go to the pool."

"Your cholesterol is a little higher than we'd like, it is 100, and with diabetes it should really be at 70, have you made any changes to fix that?"  Ummm, no, I thought 100 was okay, but as of January I haven't eaten a single fast food meal because my daughter is gluten free.  "Oh, well that would have made an improvement!"

Then we start discussing all the medicines I am on and none of them are the right dosage or even close to being beneficial.  That makes me angry.  I made this appointment with a new office because I felt my other doctor wasn't listening to me.  Now not only was she not listening to me, she wasn't even helping me!

But there is GOOD A1C dropped from 8.0 to 7.2!!  That is awesome!!  I have NO IDEA what I am doing to get my diabetes under control, but whatever it is, it is working!!  And now that my medicines will actually be effective, my diabetes will get even better!!

We did the blood panel to test for Celiac.  I am not going to do the biopsy.  I just cant afford that procedure right now, and from all of the reports I've read the results aren't 100% accurate anyway.  I know that eating gluten free makes me feel better, so that is what I'm going to do.  I wanted the blood panel for peace of mind mostly.

I know this is really all over the place, but it was my day at the doctor.  My thoughts and what happened...

What stresses you out when you go to a new doctor? 
What LOW impact exercise to you recommend?
How do you pick a new doctor?


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